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Classification by Reciprocity

If you are currently licensed in another state or if you have ever held a real estate license in another state (except Florida) or Canadian province, you may be eligible to obtain a reciprocal license without taking the examination. You must:

If you meet the above requirements you must:

  1. Complete the Application for Reciprocity License. If you are seeking an active broker's license, you must also complete and attach an Change of Qualifying Broker to become the qualifying broker for an existing firm.
  2. Include a copy of your Georgia Crime Information Report (GCIC) or a report from your resident state, providence or territory if you have not lived in Georgia. If you have prior criminal convictions/disciplinary actions, see the Investigation/Background Clearance section for more details.
  3. Include a certified copy (not more than one year old) of the licensing history from the state Licensing Board/Regulatory Agency of your residence that reflects that you are currently licensed in good standing (cannot be lapsed or expired). The license history must indicate that you were licensed by examination. If that license has lapsed or is expired you must take and pass the qualifying examination for the Georgia license.
  4. Include a current certified copy of any disciplinary actions taken against your license in any other licensing jurisdiction(s) in which you have held a license.
  5. Include a non-refundable fee of $170.00 by cashier's check or money order only payable to the Georgia Real Estate Commission. This amount covers all fees due for the first four years of licensure.

NOTE: Salespersons must take a 25 hour Salespersons postlicense course in their first year of licensure. The course taken must be one specifically approved by the Commission. Failure to complete a postlicense course during the first year of being licensed will cause the license to lapse. All licensees must meet Georgia's continuing education requirements after becoming licensed.

An applicant who does not meet all of the above requirements must take and pass the qualifying examination for the Georgia license which the applicant seeks. For additional information, see the Obtaining a Real Estate License section of this site.

If you need to contact another state real estate regulatory agency, you click on our Links to Other Real Estate Regulatory Agencies.

Non-Resident Activity

Out of state brokers may participate in real estate transactions and commissions with Georgia brokers in three ways:

  1. through referral of clients or prospects,
  2. through written agreements with Georgia brokers, and
  3. through non-resident licensure.

For additional information on Non-Resident Activity, you can download the Non-Resident Brokerage Activity Information Sheet.

NON-RESIDENTS LICENSED IN FLORIDA: Since Florida does not grant full reciprocity to Georgia licensees, Georgia law requires that the Commission impose on applicants from Florida requirements which are substantially equivalent to the requirements which Florida imposes on Georgia licensees seeking non-resident licensure. In addition to the requirements in the Reciprocity Section above, Florida licensees must take and pass the state portion of the qualifying examination for the Georgia license which the applicant seeks. In order to qualify for this exemption the applicant must submit with the application for examination, an original certified copy of his/her license history, not more than one year old, from the Florida Real Estate Commission.