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Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

All individuals who hold an active real estate license and whose license number is above 100,000 are required to complete 36 hours of Commission approved continuing education during each four year renewal period. If your license number is less than 100,000 you are not required to complete continuing education for renewal. A renewal period begins four years prior to the current renewal due date. Example: Your renewal due date is March 31, 2016. Commission approved continuing education must be completed between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2016. Continuing education completed before or after that date range is not acceptable for this renewal period.

You can use our Online Services to check your continuing education.

For more information on the approved subject areas for real estate continuing education courses, click here. You can review our list of Approved Real Estate Schools if you need to find continuing education courses. You can apply for Continuing Education Credit for Seminars and other Educational Experiences.

If you hold a Salesperson's license and this renewal is your first one since original licensure, you were required to complete a 25 hour Commission approved Postlicense course during your first year of licensure. This course will count for 9 hours of continuing education for your renewal. You must complete an additional 27 hours of continuing education during this renewal period.

If you hold an active real estate license in another state, you must provide proof of meeting your education requirements in that state. You may provide that proof by either:

(a) faxing to the Georgia Commission a copy of your current pocket card from the other state. That pocket card must indicate a renewal date greater than the due date for your Georgia renewal. For example, if your Georgia renewal due date is May 31st of this year, then your pocket card in the other state must have an end of renewal due date of June 1 of this year or any later date.


(b) faxing to the Georgia Commission certificates showing completion of 36 hours of continuing education that was approved by the other state's real estate commission.

Send all faxes to (404) 656-6650.

You are required to maintain your completed education certificates for a period of three years and to produce those certificates of completion upon the verbal or written request of an authorized representative of the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2003, Commission approved schools transmit all course completions directly to the Commission and licensees are not responsible for maintaining completion certificates for courses they complete at Commission approved schools after January 1, 2003.