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Applying for Approved Appraisal Courses

The Board does not require detailed course applications for individual appraisal courses offered by approved schools. To offer a new course, a school must submit the Application for Course Code to the Board no later than 14 days prior to offering a new course. The application must include the title of the course, the number of credit hours for the course, and whether the school intends the course for registered, licensed, certified residential, certified general and/or continuing education credit. For USPAP courses, use the Application For USPAP Course Authorization . Once approved, the Board will return the application by mail or fax to the school with an assigned course code for the course. An approved school may not hold out a course as approved until the course is posted on the Board's electronic record of the school's courses or the school receives a certificate of approval from the Board.

Prior to applying for an approved course, it is important that a school understand the common requirements for all courses and the curriculum requirements for the different types of registered/licensed/certified. An overview of these requirements can be found on this website via the links on the left-hand side of this page. For more detailed information, we recommend reviewing Section 539-2 of the Board's Rules as well as the Appraiser School & Instructors Manual.

Any Continuing Education Courses addressing a topic or topics other than those listed in Section 539-2 must have prior written authorization of the Board.

The requirements for course approval for a new appraisal school are more stringent and detailed information on these requirements can be found by clicking here.