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Certification of Licensure

Salesperson/Assoc. Broker/Broker/Community Association Manager

License Number:

License Certification Information

A Georgia certification of licensure can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be sent to another state as part of the process to become licensed in that state. Some states will accept the history to meet the education requirements for a real estate license you hold in the state as a non-resident licensee.

A certification of licensure can also be used to determine if a Georgia salesperson or community association manager license has been active long enough to qualify it¿s holder to become a broker. The current requirement is that the license has been on an active status at least three of the previous five years.

The information on the certification of licensure is from the records that the Georgia Real Estate Commission maintains on all licenses. The commission believes that all information is correct. However, the commission only certifies (1) the history of a licensee¿s licensing transactions with the commission for the five years immediately preceding a request for a license history and (2) any disciplinary action (s) taken against the licensee at any time.

If your history indicates a Disciplinary Action, you can attach a copy of the action that you have in your possession or send us a request and we will fax or mail you a copy of the disciplinary action to attach to the history.

The charts below give information on the examination and education requirements licensees must have met in order to become licensed in Georgia. You can print this information and attach it to your history to provide further information on your license.

Source of Examination

Issue Dates   License* Type   National   State Specific
01/01/1926 - 06/30/1932   S, A, B, Q   None   None
07/01/1932 - 12/31/1970   S, A, B, Q   Commission   Commission
01/01/1971 - 12/31/1974   S, A, B, Q   University of Georgia   University of Georgia
01/01/1975 - 06/30/1979   S, A, B, Q   California Department of Real Estate   Commission
07/01/1979 - 06/30/1991   S, A, B, Q   ACT (100 questions)   ACT
07/01/1991 - present   S, A, B, Q   AMP (100 questions)   AMP

Education Requirements

Issue Dates   License* Type   Education Required
01/01/1926 - 06/30/1973   S, SC   None
  A, AC, B, Q   None
07/01/1973 - 12/31/1979   S, SC   24 hours prelicense
  A, AC, B, Q   60 hours prelicense
01/01/1980 - 12/31/1986   S, SC   24 hours prelicense, 80 hours in first two years, then 3 hours each year thereafter
  A, AC, B, Q   60 hours prelicense and 3 hours each year thereafter
01/01/1987 - 12/31/1991   S, SC   60 hours prelicense, 30 hours in first two years, then 3 hours each year thereafter
  A, AC, B, Q   60 hours prelicense and 3 hours each year thereafter
01/01/1992 - present   S, SC   75 hours prelicense, 25 hours in first year, then 6 hours each year thereafter
  A, AC, B, Q   60 hours prelicense and 6 hours each year thereafter
07/01/1996 - present   CAM   25 hours prelicense and 6 hours each year thereafter

* License Types
  CAM Community Association Manager
  S Salesperson
  SC Salesperson Corporation
  A Associate Broker
  AC Associate Broker Corporation
  B Broker
  Q Qualifying Broker
Associate Brokers and Brokers have the same education and examination requirements.