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Community Associates Manager Requirements

The following list represents the requirements to obtain a Community Association Manager's License:


A copy of the applicant's criminal history or Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) Report must be brought to the AMP testing center (not the Commission) prior to receiving a license. If the report indicates any crime convictions or sanctions by any licensing or regulatory agency, then the Commission will conduct an investigation and decide whether or not to issue the license.


Must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants may take the community association manager's examination at age 17, but cannot activate the license until they are 18.


Must be a high school graduate or the holder of a certificate of equivalency.


Must meet ONE of the following Real Estate Educational Requirements:

  1. successfully complete the 25-hour Community Association Manager's Prelicense Course approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission;
  2. successfully complete a minimum of 4 quarter hours or 2 semester hours of either course work eligible for a major in real estate from a U.S. or Canadian accredited college or university or course in real property, agency, or contracts from a U.S. or Canadian accredited school of law. You must submit to AMP (not the Commission) an official transcript from the college, university, or school of law with you application for examination. Continuing education adult education, crash seminars, and special short courses are not acceptable. AMP will notify you as to whether your coursework is acceptable; OR
  3. provide proof of completion of at least 25 hours of prelicense course work approved by the real estate regulatory agency of another state or province of Canada. You must obtain a letter from that agency that verifies that the course work is approved in that state or province.


Must pass the Examination administered by AMP and approved by the Commission. The examination fee is $121.00. Persons applying for a community association manager's license must apply within twelve months of the date they took the examination; or after twelve months have passed, they must retake the examination.


There are no experience requirements for a community association manager's license.


Must pay the appropriate licensing fee as described below:

This amount covers all fees due for the first four years of licensure.


Any individual who successfully passes the community association manager licensing examination may apply to place his or her license on inactive status rather than activating it with a broker. In any case, the applicant must pay the appropriate licensing fee. Any licensee who places a license on inactive status must also pay renewal fees as they come due.

Any individual who successfully passes the community association manager licensing examination may apply to activate his or her license with a broker using the Sponsoring Broker Statement Application located in the candidate handbook. The application must be signed by the sponsoring broker.


The Commission requires that all active licensees licensed after January 1, 1980, must complete at least thirty-six (36) hours of approved continuing education course work during each four year renewal period to meet the Continuing Education requirements.