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Classification by Reciprocity

Georgia offers classification by reciprocity only to licensed or certified appraisers.

In order to receive a reciprocal classification, you must:

  1. be listed as active on the National Registry maintained by the Appraisal Subcommittee*. Click here to verify that you are listed, OR
  2. If you are not active on the National Registry, you will need to submit a certified copy (not more than one year old) of the history of your classification from the appraiser regulatory agency of the state in which you are a resident.*

*Note: If you have received a disciplinary sanction in another state, you must submit a certified copy of the history of your classification from that state.

Reciprocal classifications are issued through your birth month in the following calendar year. Depending on your birth month, the initial classification may be for one year or less with a fee of $135.00, or for greater than one year with a fee of $175.00. The reciprocal classification can be renewed from year to year.

To obtain a classification by reciprocity, you must submit a reciprocal application.  

The Board will also issue a temporary practice permit to licensed or certified appraisers for $150.00.

If you need to contact another state appraiser regulatory agency, you click on our Links to Other Appraiser Regulatory Agencies.


Individuals who hold a “Trainee” classification in another state may be able to use their education courses to become a State Registered Real Property Appraiser in Georgia. You must submit the Application for State Registered Real Property Appraiser.