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Creating a Password for Internet Renewal

You may find it helpful to print these instructions.
Follow these instructions the first time you use the program.

1. Click here for Online Services.

2. Select Appraiser Classification .

3. Enter your classification number without any letters or zeros at the beginning of the classification number into the License Number/School Code box. Example: If the classification number on your pocketcard is CR007458 enter it as 7458.

4. Leave the password box blank.

5. Click the continue button.

6. Enter your social security number without any spaces or dashes.

7. Select your date of birth from the drop down boxes.

8. Click the continue button.

The program will then compare the data you entered with the data on your record.

If it does not match, you will receive the following message: **Verification incorrect. Please try again.**

If it matches, the password page will display.

Choose a password. The password must be between 5 and 15 characters in length and is case sensitive. Do not use spaces or symbols. If you hold more than one individual license type (Individual license types include: Real Estate Individual License, Real Estate Instructor, Appraiser classification, and Appraiser Instructor), you must use the same password for each of those license types.

9. Following the above guidelines, enter a password in the password box, then re-enter the same password in the re-enter box. Then click the continue button.

You will only have to follow steps 1 thru 9 the first time you access the program. Once your password has been established, you will be able to view your record by selecting Appraiser Classification , and by entering your license number and password in the appropriate boxes on the first page of the online transaction program.

The next page that displays will have your current license status and address information that the Board has on your record. Your residence address is private and will not be given to anyone by the Board except as required by law. Your mailing and appraiser business location address is subject to the Open Records Act, and the Board must give it to anyone who requests it. Your appraiser business location address is the physical address of where you conduct your appraisal business. This may be your residence or office, but you must have a location address on your record.

11. You may change one or all of these address's by clicking on the appropriate Change Address button.

12. Make any changes needed, verify that the changes are correct, and click the Save button. Errors that you make in your address and that cause mail to be returned to the Board by the Post Office could result in a penalty fee.