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Appraiser Applicant Education Requirements

In order to be eligible to become a State Registered Real Property Appraiser, State Licensed Real Property Appraiser, State Certified Residential Property Appraiser, or State Certified General Property Appraiser, the applicant must meet the educational requirements as defined by the Board. In addition to being a high school graduate or obtaining a certificate of equivalency, the applicant must complete specific appraisal related education.

PLEASE NOTE: The educational requirements for appraisers changed in 2005. Any appraiser who held and retains an active classification as an appraiser on or before June 30, 2005 and who seeks a different classification shall have until December 31, 2007, to meet the requirements for that classification that were in effect on June 20, 2005. All other Applicants for an appraiser classification after June 20, 2005, must meet the requirements currently in effect.

To review the unique educational requirements for each type of appraiser classification, click on the appropriate link below:

To review the detailed course curriculum required by the Board for appraiser courses, click here.

When applying to sit for the appraiser examination, applicants must submit the Applicant Summary of Classroom Education that can be found in the Candidate Handbook. For classes completed prior to January 1, 2003 the applicant must include the original course completion certificate. For classes completed after December 31, 2003, each Board-approved school submits the completion information electronically.

Note: State Registered Real Property Appraisers are not required to take an exam in order to become registered. These applicants must submit the Application for State Registered Real Property Appraiser and must include the course completion certificates.

If you have not yet completed your educational requirements, you can review the list of Approved Schools by clicking here.