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Due to the large number of telephone calls, e-mail, and faxes the Commission/Board has received about the database file(s), a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section has been devoted to this subject.

Customers wishing to purchase the data file(s) from the Commission/Board are encouraged to read and understand the FAQ's before ordering. Chances are, another customer has asked the same question and it is answered in the FAQ. If the question has not been answered, the customer will be able to submit their question by email to the Commission/Board. Their question will be answered, and the information will be added to the FAQ.

Hopefully, this process will allow the Commission/Board to serve database file customers in a more efficient manner.

Before ordering, click the link below to read the FAQ about the database order.

FAQ: Ordering a Database File

Once you have reviewed the FAQ, click on the link below to access the database order form.

Database Order Form - Real Estate

Database Order Form - Appraiser